Point Pleasant Marina

Spring 2022

Welcome back!  

After a long cold winter it’s always exciting to think that boating season is just around the corner!   

We would like to remind everyone of our spring launching policy.  We require a minimum of two week’s notice to prepare your boat.  If you have spring work scheduled, or would like to schedule some work, a minimum of three week’s notice is required.  If you have any thoughts or questions regarding a particular task on your vessel do not hesitate to contact us so we may provide you with the necessary information.  We also have many marine suppliers available to us and would urge you to check with us if you need anything for your boat or any marine related item; our pricing is very competitive.  Please keep an eye out for the 2022 parts and accessory catalogue that we will leave in your boat upon spring launch and is also available online on our website.

This spring we are creating a new website, it’s time for an update!  We are very excited so please stay tuned; it will be up and running later this spring.  On it you will find easy payment methods as we take online credit card payments as well as an easy link to major banks for online banking payments.  There is a straightforward service request form for basic needs (refueling, spring launch, fall haul out, etc.).  You will also find contact information, staff photos, hours of operation, our environmental policy, pictures of the marina and current information. 

Continuing in 2022 is our online parking registration app for additional vehicles that arrive either during the day or after the office has closed, please check it out on our site.  It’s very easy to use and very convenient.

We will be continuing with our public access free Wi-Fi.  Please pop into the office for the password.  

For those of you with pets please poop and scoop!  It isn’t fair to others when they have to try and avoid dog waste in our parking areas.  Please place the well sealed bag into one of the three pet waste stations located in the main parking areas. 

We would like to remind everyone of our car parking policy.  You are allotted one car parking spot per boat slip.  Any additional vehicles, whether they be second family vehicles or guest vehicles must register in the office and park in the guest parking lots.  For your convenience we also sell additional seasonal car parking passes that can be interchanged among any extra vehicles you may have. To be courteous to others we only allow one vehicle per slip in the main lower shoreline parking area with no exceptions.  It is up to you to ensure that your guests have a valid parking pass and that it is displayed clearly in the windshield of the vehicle.  If a second vehicle arrives after hours, we offer an easy, convenient online registration on our website.  And remember; please be slow and cautious when driving around the marina as there may be small children, pets or marine equipment in unexpected areas.

As an advisory warning please do not leave children unattended while playing on our beach and on the docks.  We do not have a lifeguard on duty so we ask that your child wears his/her lifejacket and children are always within arm’s reach.  

Many of you have already provided us with a second key to your boat, thank you.  For those of you who haven’t supplied a second key, we require that you do so.  If for any reason we need to move your boat, perform service work on your boat or if you forget your keys, we will have a back up. 

When having parcels shipped to Point Pleasant we ask that you please use our physical address, 32 Point Pleasant Road, via courier service.  Please do not use Canada Post to ship parcels, they will not arrive on site, rather they will be re directed to our post office box.  Purolator, UPS and Fed X are some of the major courier services that will deliver to the marina.  Please ensure that your name is written clearly somewhere on the package so we can contact you when it arrives.    

In keeping up with our Platinum rating for being one of the top Ontario Marina’s in eco-friendly Clean Marine operations, we would like to remind you to use only environmentally friendly products when cleaning, waxing and detailing your boats.  We have a selection of products available for purchase in our main office.   

We would also like to remind you that we have a battery recycling program.  Bring in your used batteries, big or small we will make sure they are recycled appropriately; free of charge.  For any other hazardous items such as old paint, CFL bulbs etc. please visit the Town of Parry Sound’s hazardous waste depot at the McFarlane St. Transfer station.  

Just a reminder that we are here to help, please ask us whenever you need a hand.  Feel free to move your boat over to one of the loading docks, or have us move it over for you where staff can easily assist, to make loading and unloading more convenient.  If you need your boat fuelled before your arrival, just ask.  We are always here to help!  Sometimes on those very busy days the loading docks can become quite busy so we encourage people to use the gas dock as a loading dock too; even if fuel isn’t required there is ample space available and always staff there to help.

We all know it is difficult to say goodbye to the end of the boating season; we would like to remind everyone that our season ends October 31.  The first week of November we disconnect docks and begin to shut the marina down, it is very important that all of the boats are out of their slips.  

As a reminder Point Pleasant Marina does not carry insurance for customer’s boats or contents.  Dockage and storage thereof is accepted at the sole risk of the owner.  It is your responsibility to have adequate insurance coverage on your boat year round.  PPM is not responsible for any loss or damage to your boat.

Keeping in mind, please obey the no wake zone in our harbour.  Not only is it a nuisance for others when a large wake enters the bay, it is also dangerous when people are trying to load and unload their boats when a wake hits their dock.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the operation of your marina please let us know.  You may write, telephone, email or come and see us in person; we would love to hear from you whether it is positive or negative.  We are in the service industry; so if you are satisfied with our service please tell others, if you are dissatisfied please tell us!  Input helps us make things better.  

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Yours very truly,

Drew & Sherry Lichtenheldt and the Point Pleasant Staff