Environmental Policy

Point Pleasant Marina Ltd. is committed to protecting and conserving the environment; we endorse the following policies:

1)      Point Pleasant will encourage the development of, and will implement and enforce, to the best of our ability, environmentally sound practices relating to all activities conducted on our property.

2)      Point Pleasant will promote environmental awareness to all of our employees and customers.  We will take the appropriate measures to ensure compliance with environmental legislation including guidelines and policies issued by the government.


Proper Procedures:

1)      All garbage and recycling that you choose to dispose of at our facility must be in one of our specially marked bags and placed in our trailer located beside the office during business hours.

2)      Any used oil, filters, gasoline, toxic antifreeze, bilge socks or batteries please take to a staff member so that they may dispose/recycle properly.

3)      There is an emergency spill kit located beside the gas pumps which includes retaining booms and absorbing pillows designed to help contain and absorb a small spill.

4)      If you require any clean up supplies we stock oil pads, oil booms and an assortment of biodegradable cleaners available for purchase in the office.

5)      Please ensure that any fuel transportation is done in a safe manner using only approved containers.

6)      Please do not dispense any fuel out of a container into your vessel as a spill is possible and is a fire hazard on our docks.  Our insurance policy does not cover any fuel dispensing over the water other than that from an approved dispensing nozzle equipped with an automatic shutoff.

7)      Toxic antifreeze should only be used in a sealed system (i.e. heat exchanger).  At no point will the discharge of toxic glycol antifreeze be allowed whether on the ground or in the lake.  If you require disposal please see a staff member.  Non toxic antifreeze must be used in any application where antifreeze will be discharged onto the ground or into the water (i.e. fresh water system) and all attempts to re collect must be made.

8)      While refueling at the gas dock the “Safe Refueling Checklist” must be followed and is posted beside the gas pumps.  ONLY staff can dispense fuel.

9)      Any environmental infraction witnessed by another patron should be reported to management.

10)  Whenever possible, obtain and use environmentally friendly/biodegradable products.

Revised February 2016